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What's in a Name? My name is Rosemary and I am an alcoholic. Now, that's a very simple introduction, isn't it? It tells you who and what I am, instantly, without any other descriptive additives. It immediately connects me to you, if you also are an alcoholic. Where... Rosemary P. January 1990
Honesty Is the Key I just finished reading another of those "Stay out of AA if you're an addict!" letters in the Grapevine, and felt compelled to share my alcohol-related experience. I first came to AA for help because alcohol had dissolved my moral fiber to the point... Ted C. January 1990
Monkey See, Monkey Do Your very dear friend, who happens to be a Buddhist (or a Muslim or a Jew) finally has agreed to attend an AA meeting with you. Nobody but a recovering alcoholic knows the joy that comes from helping another out of the darkness, the hell of active... Ellen B. January 1990
Surrender--Not Self-improvement Being a frightened perfectionist, my reaction to change is to "view with alarm for the good of the organization," as Bill W. says. In this article, though, I want to do two things: to share a little of how I cope with my craving to control the... M. W. February 1990
A Nice Idea, But Not a Good One Like many others nowadays, I came to AA by way of a treatment center. Besides introducing me to this lifesaving Fellowship, the center gave me many other things for which I am truly grateful. Most of all, it gave me the opportunity to spend my first... Jack H. February 1990