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Age Is Just a Number I am blessed with the disease of alcoholism. Those outside the Fellowship cannot understand that, but those who are in it can. I've been given the opportunity to live two separate lives. AA has saved my life; without it, I would probably be dead,... Melissa M. October 1999
A Tough Pull I am twelve years sober and thirty-one years old, so most of my adult life has been spent in recovery. Over the years, life has had its ups and downs but drinking has not yet been an option and with God's help, one day at a time, it never will. Two... Scott R. December 1999
Ebby While attending the annual Bill W. dinner in New York in October 1963, I noticed a man with a sad expression seated at the table that Bill and Lois shared with close friends. Since the general atmosphere in the large banquet room was festive, his... Mel B. September 1999