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What Makes AA Work? Ever since I discovered AA, I have never stopped being amazed that it is so consistently successful with all sorts and conditions of alcoholics. No other society or agency interested in the alcoholic (the churches, sanitoria, clinics or professional... Ben E. November 1990
Quiz Questions A new AA quiz program, designed to spark personal opinions, has met with enthusiastic response from members of the Grand Rapids Group. The questions are thought-provoking, instructive and, we feel, purposeful. So far, we have carried the quiz... R. M. November 1990
The Ideal Group Many of us who arrive at some degree of sobriety are inclined to set up in our minds an ideal picture of the AA group or movement. We roll this morsel over our tongues while we lie back and compare this perfect picture with our own group. We think... C. C. November 1990
The Importance of Group Membership One thing that has attracted me to AA is that there are no "musts." Everything is done on a suggested basis. If there is anything I must do it is up to me to make the decision--no one else will tell me I must do anything. I have found, however,... Dave W. November 1990
Closed Meetings: Monologue Or Discussion? It seems to me after many hours of listening, and some spent speaking, that an exchange of ideas on running closed meetings might be of value, with the general good of all members taken into consideration. Here are two typical kinds of closed... R. F. November 1990
Group Sponsorship Only by continuing to carry the message of AA to other alcoholics who need and want help can we strengthen our own sobriety. The more groups there are in more places, the better we can help others and ourselves. "Reluctance to start a new group in a... Twelfth-Step Group November 1990
Growing Pains The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is now undergoing one of the greatest growing-pains tests in history. We are experiencing problems with our friends, both professional and nonprofessional, in the field of alcoholism. "Cooperation without... G. G. November 1990
How About a Group Inventory? Step Four and Step Ten have to do with personal inventory. All twelve of AA's suggested Steps are personal in that they deal with the individual. They constitute his charter of freedom. The Twelve Traditions, on the other hand, relate to AA as a... Anonymous November 1990
Elder Statesmen Is the newcomer really the most important person in our meetings? I've heard it said many times that he is and in truth he is the lifeblood of our movement. But, in all transfusions, the new lifeblood is mixed in with the old blood that is already... Anonymous November 1990
Leadership vs. Dictatorship Tradition Two of Alcoholics Anonymous is the group's answer to the difficult problem of leadership. It is notable that, ever since our earliest days, we Americans have had difficulty coming to terms with authority. We have seemed to the outside... J. P. L. November 1990