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Between the Lines There I was, locked up safe and sound, thumbing through an issue of the Grapevine dedicated to AA in prison, when I came across a notice about the AA Corrections Correspondence Service. I considered it for a minute, then moved on. By the way, my... Martin W. July 2000
Jail Break On March 9, 1990, I received my final DWI. I was charged with felony, attempted suicide, and assaulting officers in the performance of their duties. After a night in the county jail speaking with several officers and the county psychiatrist, I was... Guido M. July 2000
Inside Story My name is George and I'm an alcoholic. I also happen to be in prison serving a life sentence for killing someone while in a blackout. When I was young, I had many signs of what drinking could do, which I ignored. My grandparents and parents were... George W. July 2000
Save Me, Help Me, Use Me Coming up on a quarter century of sobriety is a humbling experience. Sure, it's great to know I've stayed away from a drink for all those years, but the true gift of my sobriety is an ever-deepening and ever-unfolding relationship with God and a... B. B. February 2000
The Launch Pad I first came to AA not because I thought I had a problem with drinking but because I had a big problem with hangovers. I had a vague notion that I could get some literature, preferably written by an authority such as a doctor or a federal agency,... C.M. March 2000
Ready, Willing, and Almost Able In my second year sober, my sponsor suggested going back to karate because of the humility I could gain. The idea of going back to karate at forty, a discipline I had started at age twenty-four, was interesting. After all, I'd already earned my... Elizabeth B. April 2000
Follow the Tire Tracks When I travel, I have made it a habit to hit meetings. But on one particular trip, I had a busy schedule, with appointments during the day and in the evening and it was difficult for me to go to a meeting. On the third day, I was feeling restless,... Andrew S. May 2000
As Promised I am sitting on the beach in Cedar Key, Florida, when, for the second time in a week, a wave of almost inexpressible gratitude washes over me. I am here because the Promises are coming true in my life. I was the most tenacious kind of drunk: a... Marcia R. June 2000
Progress, Not Perfection B]ill W. often talked about the spiritual awakening he had at Towns Hospital. The room was filled with light. He felt as though he was standing on a mountaintop where a great breeze blew--not a physical breeze but a spiritual one. Describing another... Jim N. July 2000
Spiritual Life 101 When I was early in my recovery, a fellow AA member in my home group said that if we wished to keep and maintain our sobriety, we had to learn to live something called a "spiritual life." I immediately remembered how, as a child, I was required to... Tracey B. September 2000