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TURMOIL I AM one of six children. I had a good childhood: no abuse, no dysfunction. I had my first drink on my 17th birthday. My uncle had taken me to dinner. He called my mother and asked if I could have a beer; she said yes. They didn't ID me--this was... ANONYMOUS June 2010
STRANGE WORLD I AM presently serving a three year sentence at a women's correctional center in Wisconsin. I am 62 years old. My crime is driving drunk and having an accident involving bodily harm. It was my second offense in four years. This time I injured two... JUDI June 2010
The End of Everything This is the end of the world, I remember thinking, as I was getting into that borrowed mini-van headed as far away from home as I ever remember going before. This was the end of everything that I had ever known, and although I didn't know it, the... JOEY H. June 2010
SURRENDER THAT'S ALL ONCE again, I found myself sitting in a jail cell, facing a maximum six-month sentence for violating probation. Too many times I had been in a similar position. It was getting old quick. I had just received a letter from my wife saying she couldn't... ANONYMOUS June 2010
INTO THE TRENCHES IN 2003 I tried to get sober. I went to rehab, went to meetings every day and got a sponsor. I thought AA didn't work. Then in 2008 everything changed. The AA General Service Office helped me start a meeting in jail. Tom M., Greg C. and Mike M.... RANDY H. June 2010
SCARED SOBER THE heavy, steel bar gate buzzed and clicked open. I stepped inside, and the gate slammed shut with a loud bang that spoke volumes. I was behind bars and would remain there. A uniformed officer ushered me into a small windowless room identified by a... PHILIP P. June 2010
I'll handle this myself I GOT the call on a Thursday from my dad in Dallas that he was to undergo back surgery the following Wednesday, and he would be facing it alone. I lived in Chicago, so getting down to him at the last minute would take time and money, neither of... WENDI V. May 2010
Heat, pray, love When I first heard the words "Big Book" in AA, I thought that the members were talking about the Bible, and that I would have to read it. I was crazed, shaking and full of despair, and all I could think was, Oh, no. What have I gotten myself into... SNOW P. May 2010
Gifts of the jungle I didn't plan on being in the Costa Rican rainforest on my 60th day of sobriety but while flying down, I realized that is exactly where I would be. My journey in life has taken me all over the world, and no one was surprised that I was taking off to... LIZ E. January 2010
38 DAYS IT'S ONLY been 38 24 hours that I've strung together so far, and I've got a long road ahead. I am going to have to learn to live with myself now. I can't escape into that world of intoxicants to hide from my problems. I have already made some... CHAD C. January 2010