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Atravesar la puerta Crecí en un hogar lleno de alcohol y drogas. Nos mudábamos cada mes porque no teníamos dinero para pagar el alquiler. Toda la plata se iba en alcohol. Nunca conocí a mi padre, y la verdad es que los diversos padrastros que tuve no eran muy... George N. May 5
Kid u not When I had eight years sober, I was attending meetings regularly, at least four to six per week. I was active in general service and our local Intergroup and I was sponsoring others. I loved AA history and was in awe of what the program had... Deb A. October 2
AA Around the World THE FIFTH ANNUAL EUROPEAN ROUNDUP held in Wiesbaden, Germany over the Labor Day weekend, was attended by AAs and Al-Anon members from England, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium, including Americans from AA groups in several European countries....
Letter to the Grapevine 6 November '50 Hello-- My AA group in Colorado Springs sent me the October issue. It is the first contact I have had with AA since I left stateside, and it came at an opportune moment. Times such as these--when we sleep in foxholes and go through... Kim J.
Po Box 1980 In the Dec. 2005 issue, the text at the bottom of p. 50 should have read "Fourth, a group can approach local medical and treatment resources and explain the difference between closed and open meetings, as well as pass out information on the group...
AA In A Nutshell Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship designed and administered by a bunch of ex-drunks whose only qualification for membership is that we finally realized that we couldn't hold our liquor and wanted to stop trying to impossibly learn how to hold it... Anonymous