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At Wit's End (by TIM H.)
Q. What do Santa Claus and an alcoholic have in common? A: Both know where the naughty people live and can never be found on Christmas.
At Wit's End (by C.C.)
A woman talked at a meeting about the difficulties of early sobriety at age 55. "It hasn't been easy," she said, "going through puberty and menopause...
At Wit's End (by TERRY B.)
A computer lets you make mistakes faster than any other invention--with the possible exception of tequila.  
At Wit's End (by DAVE C.)
A man is sitting in the coach section of a flight, biting his fingernails and sweating profusely. Noticing his disturbed expression, a flight...
At Wit's End
Won’t be long now There’s a drunk standing out on the street corner, and a cop passes by and asks him, “What do you think you’re doing?” The drunk...