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Barley Corn (by The Paradox)
Son: "Pop, what's an alcoholic?" Father: "A man who tries to pull himself out of trouble with a corkscrew."
Barley Corn
Mrs. Hibbs sought her hostess and inquired: "What's become of that pretty waitress who was passing the cocktails?" "I'm sorry," apologized the...
Barley Corn
The barkeep kept a pet parrot and one evening a drunk climbed atop a stool and tried to catch hold of it. "Scram, landlubber," shrieked the outraged...
Barley Corn (by The Paradox)
The English barmaid was a flirtatious piece and the tall, sunburned Texas private was right down her alley. The MP had left the bar for a moment and...
Barley Corn (by Utah State Prison Group)
At a recent A.A. meeting one member remarked that it had always been his habit to use a drink to steady his nerves. Another remarked, "Yeah, me too,...
Barley Corn (by C. W. H.)
Oldtimer: "How long you been in A.A.?" Newcomer: "Two months." Oldtimer: "Take it easy, bub, you're not even dry behind the ears yet." Newcomer: "I'm...
Barley Corn (by The Brighter Side)
Time tells on a man--especially a good time.
Barley Corn
A lady drunk was overheard to say early New Year's morning, "All are not bugs that jitter."
Barley Corn
Chuck: "What in the world makes your tongue so black?" Chick: "I once dropped a bottle of whisky on a freshly tarred road."
Barley Corn (by The Central Bulletin)
Woman is an extravagant creature, but here are a few things she doesn't do: Shoot two bucks worth of shell at a two-bit rabbit. Buy a 55-cent meal...