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The Meeting After the Meeting
Going Backwards
Going Backwards I have been sober for six years, but lately I have been feeling like I did when I first sobered up. I have been behaving as I did...
How Do You Stay Teachable?
Twelfth Step Work: What Is It?
Traditions, Traditions!
Traditions, Traditions! Through the Twelve Traditions, I have learned how to listen, when to speak up, and when to disagree in a quiet way. They have...
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Help for a beginner?
Heard at Meetings (by The i-Say forum (www.aagrapevine.or)
The happiest moments in my life are those when I'm not thinking about myself. The happiest moments in my life are those when I'm not thinking. Make...
How I Got Hooked (by Robbie)
When I was new to our Fellowship, I wasn't able to stay seated for an entire one-hour meeting. My solution was to make many trips to the bathroom. My...
The Nature Of Success
AA on Tap A year ago today I posted a message about the problem of staying sober while working in a bar. Although other folks think that it's...
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