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Short Takes (by Alky Ally)
NO man is ever entirely useless--he can always serve as a horrible example.
Short Takes
I am thankful to silence the voice of the braggart in my wishful thought, but I am more thankful to speak the value of a proper worth in my secret...
I am thankful to be freed from an insecure sense of personal inadequacy, but I am more thankful for a proper sense of self-reliance.
Short Takes (by The Lifeline)
Let's not spend all our spare time informing the newcomer--let's save a little of it to remind ourselves.
Short Takes (by The Alanon News)
A disgruntled AA is a man who has taken moral inventory of himself and got sore about it.
Short Takes
The final test of will power is to see a friend with a black eye and not ask any fool questions.
Short Takes
Doing nothing is the most tiresome job in the world because you can't stop and rest.
Short Takes (by Unknown)
Criticism is something you can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.
Grape Vignette (by Don K.)
AA in Hawaiian, according to ole man Webster's little tome on words, means rough lava and, of course, cooled. It's like us--cooled off but still a...
Grape Vignettes
Quotes from our own scripture: What profiteth it a man if he has gained sobriety and lost his sense of humor? Guys we can do without--the birds who...