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Distilled Spirits (by Sherry G.)
A bird comes into the world in a shell and then breaks out and becomes free to fly. Humans, on the other hand, come into the world free and then...
Distilled Spirits (by Harold A.)
When sharing my experience, strength, and hope, I try to avoid using words like "success" and "failure." I might come off as indicating that those...
Distilled Spirits (by Red" M.)
Great things I've heard at meetings: Make a friend of time. . . Acceptance isn't necessarily approval. . . God, help me to want what I already have...
Distilled Spirits (by Aaron S.)
We are the hardest to love when we need love the most.
Distilled Spirits (by Tom R.)
Barb said that when she came to her first meeting, she was really in a fog. The people at that meeting understood and told her to "come toward the...
Distilled Spirits (by Mick B.)
You hit bottom when you stop digging the hole!
Distilled Spirits (by Dennis B.)
I heard this at a meeting yesterday: a person was talking to his grandson who had fallen out of bed while asleep. "Why did you fall out of bed?"...
Distilled Spirits (by Paul S.)
What I came here looking for, I came here looking with.
Short Takes (by AA Comes of Age p. 46)
"Such is the paradox of AA regeneration: strength arising out of weakness, the loss of one's old life as a condition for finding a new one."
Distilled Spirits (by Ms. Sam H.)
AA in Eight Words: Quit drinking. Trust God. Clean house. Help others.