Recording Tips and Suggested Topics

*Note: Grapevine will not be collecting recordings from speakers at AA meetings.


  • Speak as you would in a meeting.
  • Begin by giving us your name and phone number. This way, Grapevine will have a way to contact you if your story is chosen.
  • Focus on a specific experience or something that can be handled in 5-7 minutes.
  • Think about the arc of a story: a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Remember to include the following things when you begin to record your story:
    • Introduce yourself as though you were in a meeting.
    • Location. Are you in Georgia? California? Canada? This helps to set the scene for the listener. Details help.


Here are some suggestions to get you thinking. Feel free to choose something else.

  • An anecdote from your first 90 days
  • My first sponsor
  • Getting to Step One
  • Going back to school sober
  • Talking to family about your sobriety
  • My first job sober
  • My old friends, my new friends
  • My favorite service commitment
  • My favorite Step—and why
  • Fun times in Sobriety (pick one)
  • What got me into AA?
  • How I deal with fear today
  • What my sponsor taught me (something I'll never forget)
  • How I found my Higher Power
  • My favorite part of the Big Book
  • Going on your first date in sobriety
  • People, places and things
  • A 9th Step amend that changed my life
  • My sober morning routine
  • How I pray
  • My meditation

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