The Carry the Message Project

There are a few ways to participate in the
Carry the Message (CTM) Project:

If You Don't Know the Recipient

To sponsor a subscription for unknown alcoholics in need; individual members, groups, areas or districts may purchase subscription by:

If You Know the Recipient

To sponsor a GV or LV subscription for someone you know, either:

  • Call AAGV. Inc’s customer service numbers: 800.631.6025 (US & Canada) or 818.487.2091 (International) to order the subscription.
  • Fill out the Gift Subscription card found inside of each magazine issue and mail the postage paid card in. (Cards with credit card information should be mailed in an envelope).


Q: Can a check be sent to the GV Office to sponsor these subscriptions?

A: No. Grapevine cannot accept contributions but if you email the GV Office at, we can help you sponsor as many subscriptions as you’d like.

Q: Can GV make sure that sponsored subscriptions go to my area only?

A: AAGV will do its best, but we may not have a subscription request from your area.

Q: Can I make sure the subscription I send to an inmate is anonymous?

A: When a gift certificate is redeemed there is no information about the purchaser in the subscription records.