Previous Cartoon Winners

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"Steve, if you are ready to have the morning worm instead of the ones from the tequila bottle,we know some people who can help."- Tom J., Chandler AZ



"I am joyous, happy and free with no need or desire to jay-walk ever again.  Now I just wait to ride the AA bus with the fellowship"

- Anonymous 




"Don't be surprised! Your drinking's been the elephant in the room for so long, I figured it was time to join you in bed!"- Jim B., Dorrington, CA.



"What makes you think that I'm turning my back on the steps?."- Stephen S., Exeter, NH.





"Earl suddenly realizes why his sponsor said that he should always bring another person along on a twelfth step call."

-JohnC., Berlin, Wis.



" If you're going to town on that bottle, then I'm going to town!" -Chris M., W.B.B.G.





"I've joined AA. Can you come back with some coffee?"-Anonymous., Wi


November 2016



The Higher Power is like electricity - you don't have to understand in order for it to work."—"



July 2016



" Honey, the wreckage of your past is back."-Paul S., Fountain Hills, Ariz.



June 2016


"Hi--You emailed that you needed a ride to a meeting?"-Kathleen M., Minneapolis, Minn.



May 2016

"Goldilocks, I just think you're awfully judgemental. 'Too, hot, too cold, too hard, too soft.' You need to be content with what you have."—Greg N., Wenatchee, Wash.



April 2016

"When they say 'keep coming back,' this is not the place they were talking about."—Anonymous



March 2016

"By the way, I have my first Al-Anon meeting tomorrow. G'night, honey!"—Mike B. Los Angeles, Calif.



February 2016

--"I hope Spiderman sobers up soon."—Mike S., South Bend, Ind.



January 2016

—"As Sharon's drinking progressed, she failed to notice the quality of her dates was diminishing at an alarming rate."—Vinnie D., Salem, Mass.



December 2015

—"Santa thinks I'm home with the flu."—Heather M., Mashpee, Mass.



November 2015

—"At some of these we bawked ..."—Erica B, Lancaster, Calif.



October 2015

"As your sponsor I have to ask, don't you think there may be better places to look for a higher power?"




September 2015

"I must've gone right past the D.T.s straight to the 3-Ds...."




August 2015

"I seem to be powerless over my coffee intake. Can coffee be a Higher Power?"




July 2015

"There is no "Happy Hour" at these bars."

—Paul M., Wilmington, Del.



June 2015

"I think he may be hitting bottom."

—Chris K., Blue Springs, Mo.



May 2015

"You don't say dear! They wrote a book all about you?"

—Dee D., Louisville, Ky.



April 2015

"You really ought to stop smoking."

——Don G., Hornell, N.Y.



March 2015

"Getting into the bottle was easy. It's getting out that's turning out to be the hard part."

—Jim B., Dorrington, Calif.



February 2015

"That was really a "stiff" one!"

—Babs S., San Pablo, Calif.



January 2015

"If you had sober feet, you would have gone to a meeting."

—Jim G., Woodland Park, N.J.



December 2014

"Twas the night of my last drink."




November 2014

"Wake up! The four horsemen are here."

—Mike S., South Bend, Ind.



October 2014

"I hit my knees every morning just like they said."

--Doug K., Seaside, Ore.


October 2014

"I told you that tough love does not work on drunks of his kind. Now out of my way."

--Yoli F., San Antonio, Texas


September 2014

"I have the coffee pot, now all I need is a resentment and I can start my own meeting."



August 2014

"Honestly honey. It looked like an AA meeting. There were drunks everywhere."

—Roberto Z. Antioch, Calif.


July 2014

"The good news is, when I get out, I can pick up a 60-day chip."

—Doug R., Calif.


June 2014

"So tell me, do I come here often?"

—Mary M., Gig Harbor, Wash.


May 2014

"Seems awfully bright out for a Wednesday night."

—Jonathan W., Washington, D.C.


April 2014

"Once upon a relapse dreary, I pondered first Steps weak and weary..."

—Mark S., Sammamish, Wash.


March 2014

"Welcome, I remember my first meeting. I came as Batman."

—David L., Rio Rancho, N.M.


February 2014

"You go ahead dear, I'm going to stay here and practice my control drinking."

—D.D., Ft. Myers, Fla.


January 2014

"My drinking has me feeling a little alienated."

—Stephen S., Exeter, N.H.


December 2013

"I told him another drink will kill you. I didn't mention how."

—Brian K., Sudbury, Ontario


November 2013

"It's about 12 steps from here. We can make it!"

—Dee D., Louisville, Ky.


October 2013

"See you are the one with a drinking problem, when was the last time you seen me spill a drop?"

—Doug R., Grand Island, Neb.


September 2013

"Oh I never clean house, I have a woman come in once a week for that!"

—Christina S., London, Ontario


August 2013

"What we have here is two tickets to paradise; destination AA!"

—Dee D., Louisville, Ky.


July 2013

"Isn't your program based on attraction rather than promotion?"



June 2013

"I'd be happy to share my story. I just can't remember it."

—Stephen S., Newmarket, N.H.


May 2013

"I guess you really have tied one on!"

—Fred F., Albany, N.Y.


April 2013

"Maybe a dunking booth for Al anons? They'd love it."

—Jimmy O., Dallas, Texas


March 2013

"Geez, I really have hit my bottom!"

—Sher M., Burns, Ore.


February 2013

"He calls it 'meditation'."



January 2013

"Which promise was this again?"

—Doug R., Grand Island, Neb.



December 2012

"You're right. A bartender doesn't make a very good sponsor."




November 2012

"I looked just like you once, but that was back when work wasn't clouding my drinking."

—Stephen S., Newmarket, N.H.



October 2012

September 2012 Cartoon

"I'd like to make amends for stealing your husband. I'm sober now. Will you take him back?"

—Kathleen M., West Hartford, Conn.



September 2012

September 2012 Cartoon

"If I were an alcoholic I'd be drinking with a pink elephant!"

—Peg S., Cleveland, Ohio



August 2012

August 2012 Cartoon

"Now is a good time for a word from my sponsor."

—Pat R., Satanta, Kan.



July 2012

July 2012 Cartoon

"Hey, on the bright side, I am 24 hours sober now!"




June 2012

June 2012 Cartoon

"Uh, I don't think you can add the liquor store as a dependent..."

—Fred F., Albany, N.Y.



May 2012

May 2012 Cartoon

"Since I came to AA, my laundry and my life is sober, not just dry."

—Peter G., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.




April 2012

April 2012 Cartoon

"I'm lying here because I slipped on the First Step."

—Loren B., Bozeman, Mont.




March 2012

"Dear, I think your husband misunderstood. Wasn't it the wall you wanted to get plastered?"

—Max R., Ocala, Fla.



February 2012

"You may want what I have and be willing to go to any lengths to get it, but I am still going to run this past my sponsor."—James, New Zealand


January 2012

Winner: "If you can see me, I'm the least of your problems."—Suzanne S., Vernon, Texas


December 2011

Winner: "What do you mean your crystal ball can only see one day at a time?"—Rob F., West Hartford, Conn.

November 2011

Winner: "I asked him if he wanted to go to an AA meeting later and he said, "Let me sleep on it!"—Joe H.

October 2011

Winner: "Thank you all for attending this month's group conscience meeting, here are a few items we need to go over." —Anonymous

September 2011

Winner: "You know that wearing a smoking jacket does not make you a classy drunk!" - Gus P., Eugene, Ore."

August 2011

Winner: "It keeps coming up with the same letters: AA." -Joe H., Vancouver, BC

July 2011

Winner: "Is this a Twelfth Step call?" —Ed G., Media, Pa.


June 2011

 June 2011 Cartoon

Winner: "The more I drink, the more interesting you get." —Larry C., Lost City, WV


May 2011

Winner: "My wife said if I wanted to have another drink, I could just sleep here tonight." —Rick Y., Belfast, ME


cartoon of werewolf

Winner:"Is this anyone's first AA meeting?" DLW, Bartlett, Tenn.


Ladies Meeting

Winner:"Isn't wearing womens clothing taking anonymity a bit far, Bert?" James, New Zealand



Winner:"The bad news is, the doctor gave you an alcoholic brain; the good news is, it wasn't hardly ever used." Greg M., Decatur, IL


Fun House

Winner:"As his doctor tells him he must stop drinking, Fred has a flashback to an earlier experience. Woody R., Stockton, CA