• Multimedia–including print–plays an important role in Grapevine’s future.
  • Three conference agenda items will be considered at the 61st Conference for AA Grapevine, Inc.
  • debuts a new and expanded website May, 2011.
  • A price change and a bigger discount coming July 1st.

Dear Friends:

May’s cover story, “Monster! Caught on Tape,” features a guy caught on video by his friend while drunk. It turns out to be a compelling moment for him as well as an example of the unexpected influence multimedia can have on our lives. Multimedia –- including print – also plays an important role in Grapevine’s future and the impact it can have on its readers, still-suffering alcoholics and those interested in alcoholism. 

Multimedia–including print–also plays an important role in Grapevine’s future and the impact it can have on its readers, still-suffering alcoholics and those interested in alcoholism. The Grapevine Board and staff are preparing for the 61st General Service Conference here in New York from May 1-7, 2011. AA Grapevine, Inc. has several conference agenda items that will be considered. The managing editor, Amber E. will be previewing the new website, including and the new online subscription for attendees early in the week. Be sure to mark your calendars and look for the redesign of in May. In fact, you can have a hand in the launch! Grapevine and La Viña representatives will have their own dedicated page on the new site and are encouraged to submit photos and/or paragraph long highlights of recent, local events for posting to the new site. Email your photos or stories to: Grapevine’s Office Manager: Janet Bryan Email: Or call 212.870.3406 Please give us your feedback on the issue or the new site. We like hearing from you! In fellowship, The Executive Editor/Publisher

News from AAGrapevine, Inc.:

 Coming May 2011

Grapevine’s New and Expanded Website, with--

  • Never before published Grapevine stories
  • Engaging community features
  • Online contributions of stories, art, jokes and more!

 Grapevine’s Online Subscription - Previewed at the General Service Conference.       

  • Web content – Weekly themed stories
  • Story (Digital) Archive –Included!
  • AudioGrapevine –Included!
  • Current issue of Grapevine –Included!
  • Current issue of La Viña –Included!

Coming July 2011

  • Price changes and a bigger discount to current subscription offerings coming July 1st.  More details in next month’s letter.


We are changing the name of the Digital Archives to Story Archives in the coming months.  Now more than ever it will be the one place for your Grapevine historical needs.

Did You Know?

  • Grapevine magazine is available in print, digital and audio and La Vińa is available in print and digital formats.

GRAPEVINE and LA VIÑA Product Highlights:                      

Have you checked out our Grapevine store lately?

You can purchase subscriptions, back issues, books, CDs and more for yourself or others and if you have a question; just call 800.631.6025 or 818.487.2091 for assistance.

The above is just a sampling of what is available!

GRAPEVINE — the Next Issues:

June 2011 – AA on the Road

July 2011 – AA in Prison

August 2011 – Relationships in the Rooms

LA VIÑA — the Next Issues:

July/August 2011 – 15th Anniversary Issue

September/October 2011 - Relationships

If you’d like the La Viña editor to visit your conference or forum, call to schedule soon.

The La Viña editor’s travel calendar is filling up!

GRAPEVINE on the Road:

The GRAPEVINE staff is here to help with informational support for your local conventions and events!                      

Here’s the upcoming travel schedule for AA Grapevine staff and board members. Please come by and say hi if you’re planning to attend the following events or live nearby.  We’d love to meet you.

May 20-22 – NERF, Sturbridge, MA – Ami B. – Executive Editor/Publisher, Irene D.  – La Viña Editor, Albin Z. – Board Member


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The Redesigned Site

Congratulations and MANY compliments on the new website design and the information contained. It's wonderful reading Dateline Grapevine on the site!!!