Title Factoid Text
Factoid #5

In 2001 the Conference Committee on the Grapevine recommended that La Viña continue to be published by the A.A. Grapevine and supported by the General Service Board as a service to the Fellowship.

Factoid #4

In 1979, the General Service Conference recommended that when feasible, groups consider bulk orders as a means of making the Grapevine available at the group.

Factiod # 19

A GSC additional consideration in 1980 suggested:

“that groups make every effort to introduce newcomers to the Grapevine as one of our best tools in sobriety”

Factoid #3

In 1976, the General Service Conference recommended that groups or individuals send Grapevine subscriptions to local libraries.

Factoid #2

In 1967 the General Service Conference, "recommended that delegates suggest to groups the need for sponsoring subscriptions to the Grapevine for prisons, jails, and hospitals in their area."

Factoid #1

In 1980 the General Service Conference recommended that delegates continue their efforts in using the area and district service structure to achieve the goal of a Grapevine representative in every group.