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Factoid #17

In 1976 the GSC recommended: “that groups be encouraged to increase their subscriptions as their membership increases.”

Factoid #16

In 1976, the GSC reaffirmed that “areas be encouraged to invite the Grapevine staff to visit state and provincial conferences, with the suggestion that the invitation be made to the Grapevine staff directly. The committee felt that personal contact between Grapevine staff and AA members would stimulate interest in the Grapevine.”

Factoid #15

In 1985, the GSC recommended that “Grapevine committees seek ways to work with Public Information, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Correctional Facilities, Treatment Facilities and other service committees with the aim of increasing the use of the Grapevine as a tool in carrying the message.”

Factoid #14

In 1980, the GSC recommended that “groups make every effort to introduce newcomers to the Grapevine as one of our best tools in sobriety.”

Factiod #13

In 1979, the GSC recommended that Grapevine representatives recommend to their groups that they sponsor subscriptions, where possible, for institutions, treatment facilities, and professionals being “sponsored.”

Factoid #12

In 1975, the GSC recommended that all delegates make all AA members aware that they could subscribe to the Grapevine as individuals.

Factoid #11

In 1988, the GSC recommended that in order to encourage full participation, areas consider establishing a Grapevine awareness month and continue to hold Grapevine workshops, Grape-a-thons, and Grapevine meetings.

Factoid #10

In 1987, the GSC recommended that delegates focus their efforts on the district service structure as a means of reaching individual groups, in order to make every group aware of the value of the Grapevine as a recovery tool.

Factoid #9

In 1978, the GSC recommended: that area and state functions consider Grapevine workshops similar to other workshops held at the area level from time to time; that a Grapevine information table be made a regular feature at all conferences, conventions and assemblies.

Factoid #7

In 1975, the GSC recommended that delegates communicate with the publishers of AA newsletters in their areas, urging them to use Grapevine blurbs, discussion topics or other notices about Grapevine regularly in their newsletters.

Factoid #6

Many people have called and written in, asking if the print edition of the magazine will be around in the future.

The answer is, "Yes!" There are no plans to stop publishing the Grapevine magazine.

Factoid #5

In 2001 the Conference Committee on the Grapevine recommended that La Viña continue to be published by the A.A. Grapevine and supported by the General Service Board as a service to the Fellowship.

Factoid #4

In 1979, the General Service Conference recommended that when feasible, groups consider bulk orders as a means of making the Grapevine available at the group.

Factiod # 19

A GSC additional consideration in 1980 suggested:

“that groups make every effort to introduce newcomers to the Grapevine as one of our best tools in sobriety”

Factoid #3

In 1976, the General Service Conference recommended that groups or individuals send Grapevine subscriptions to local libraries.

Factoid #2

In 1967 the General Service Conference, "recommended that delegates suggest to groups the need for sponsoring subscriptions to the Grapevine for prisons, jails, and hospitals in their area."

Factoid #1

In 1980 the General Service Conference recommended that delegates continue their efforts in using the area and district service structure to achieve the goal of a Grapevine representative in every group.