From the June 2011 magazine.

Coming To and Waking Up

Coming to amidst a shattered whiskey bottle on the bathroom floor on his 31st birthday was the beginning of the end

"Once again, I came out of a drinking-induced blackout."

I could feel the familiar cold smoothness of porcelain pressed against the right cheek of my swollen face. As I opened one eye, I saw those words I had seen too often, "American Standard." There was something stuck to the left side of my face and I knew exactly what it was. My right arm was numb because I had been sitting on it for God only knows how long. I couldn't wipe my face with my left hand; I needed it to steady myself because the room was still spinning.

My head was throbbing like a jackhammer, and my false teeth were lying on the floor, next to a half-smoked cigarette. My...

-- Danny

Longview, Washington

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