From the August 2011 magazine.

August 2011: "Honk" If You're Sober

A crew of female alcoholics form an indestructible support system

"I’d like to offer a final, hearty “Honk! Honk!” to all my fellow geese out there, wherever they might be."

When I was 11 years old, I finally met someone who understood me. Up to that point, I’d felt lost, misunderstood and alone for most of my childhood. I certainly wasn’t receiving the direction, acceptance and understanding I needed and deserved. At the point in my life when everything seemed bleak and hopeless, I was introduced to a character in a book named Nancy Drew. Quickly, she became my best friend. Her books took me away, as if I was stepping out of my empty life and into hers. Little did I know, this would be the first of many attempted escapes from my life.

School was unbearable. I watched the other kids, trying to figure out how they managed to seem comfortable. I lacked confidence, value and, at times of distress, the ability to breathe. I remember one girl in particular, who was a year older than me. She had such a sense of ease and comfort. I wanted what she had. It took a lot of guts, but I went up to her one day and asked her how she knew how to say all the right things and act the right way.

-- Anonymous

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