From the April 1961 magazine.

Across the Editor's Desk

If you haven't already seen it on page 15, we call your attention to a new cartoon feature by an artist who has been around AA for some time, and who is making out a lot better with the program than "Oliver Slipp" is. Oliver, says his creator, has been trying to latch onto the recovery plan for years but, because he hasn't taken the Twelve Steps, or worked the Slogans, or read the Big Book, or listened, he has continued to be the kind of guy often called the Golden Slipper. You probably know sad socks like Oliver and will therefore be able to understand his current and future dilemmas.

While we're on the subject, the Insiders Newsletter reports that "the American Medical Association has endorsed acceptance of .1 per cent of alcohol in the blood (it was .15) as evidence of intoxication, meaning one good Scotch could make you a drunken driver."

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