From the April 1948 magazine.

Barley Corn

(Ol' John's Juice)

A certain fellow was an alcoholic but also a very good golfer. In this particular tournament, he ended up in a tie with one of the country's leading amateurs. The play-off was set for the next day, but the alky had to do a little celebrating the night before, anyway. So he started out with a terrible hangover--the shakes and jiggles, blurred vision and sweats. But by superhuman effort he kept in the running and the two came up to the final hole. If the alky could sink a 20-foot putt, he'd win the match.

The tension was terrific. His nerves were screaming. He shook himself, took a deep breath and lined up the shot. Taking his stance, he was about to stroke the ball when a black, shaggy dog ran onto the green and right between the alky's legs. The alky nearly collapsed. But again he somehow collected himself, sank the putt and won the match.

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