From the September 2011 magazine.

Truth and Recovery

He recognized that the only way to stay sober was to get honest with his family about his past actions

"I sat them down in my living room and told them that I had stolen thousands of dollars from them."

The truth will set you free. I have heard this basic fundamental concept since I was a young child. I never gave it much thought back then, but now it has become part of my moral foundation. I believe that telling the truth is best, even when your mind perceives it as a sign of weakness. Recently I have been placed in tough battling between telling the truth and be freed or lying and suffer the consequences, which are to let these lies fester, and let myself rot emotionally.

August 16, 2006, was the day I came into recovery. For those who don't understand the lingo, this means I am...

-- Jimmy S.

Norwich, Connecticut

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