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Published August 2011.

Web Exclusive: A Roundabout Way into AA

He took a few detours into other addictions before realizing that his primary problem was alcoholism

I had caught my ego and its ability to lie to me and soon realized with all my heart, soul and mind that indeed I was an alcoholic.

It took me four years to accept the truth of my alcoholism and act upon it. I was a person with many troubles stemming from alcohol and drug abuse. My biggest problem, or "drug of choice" was self-deception and how my mind was able to convince me of anything that condoned my behavior.

I first approached the idea of rehab via the expressed interests of my girlfriend and her plan to inform my parents. In my mind, my parents knew little of my ills and so it scared me to think of what they would do. As we all find out in recovery, those closest to us always knew, even if not completely, what the problems were. With the support of my father, I rounded up the courage to ask for help at a local treatment center.

-- Daniel L.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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