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Published August 2011.

Web Exclusive: The End of Denial

Finding himself once again with whiskey in hand, he admitted the extent of his problem with alcohol

In that moment, I saw myself clearly drunk and out of control.

From my earliest years, my strongest desire was to be in control of myself and of the world around me. I believed that if I worked hard enough I could achieve anything. These principles worked well enough until I was introduced to alcohol and began my descent into the hell that would continue for the next 20 years.

There is a saying that describes alcoholism: "The man takes a drink, the drink takes the man, the drink takes a drink." It took a while but alcohol took over my life, body and soul. Everything revolved around getting enough to numb the pain inside. While I knew my drinking patterns were different from most people, I rationalized that it was just another way I'd always been different from normal people.

-- Donald T.

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