Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published August 2011.

Web Exclusive: The Disease of More

His addictive side emerged in early childhood when he would hoard sugary drinks

I would always drink every drop and then suck the liquor out of the ice cubes.

From the time I remember I wanted to do what I liked all of the time. I liked soda and could drink it until I got sick. At age six I would sneak a bottle and then hide it so my parents could not see it. It is funny that I was to hide a pint of vodka exactly the same way 50 years later.

From the time I first started to drink alcohol it was a magic elixir; it created a warm glow that would come over my entire body. After a couple of drinks I felt like a different person. I would feel more confident, more outgoing, more energetic and more courageous. I could dance better and I felt...

-- Dennis T.

Evanston, Illinois

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