Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published September 2011.

Web Exclusive: A Daily Meditation

A woman discovers a way to practice conscious contact while she goes about the business of the day

After the job is finished, I thank God for empowering me so that I could get the job done so well.

I got up this morning, and rolled off the bed to my knees to get the day off the ground right like it says to do on pages 86 and 87 of the Big Book. I felt disorganized and disgruntled. I knew from past experience that if I let this thinking continue that it was going to screw up my day. It is always best for me to get my head right by following these directions. I am not sure all of what the day has in store for me, other than plans that I made yesterday. But at least I am making a good attempt for positive outcomes for my endeavors.

The result is always up to God. It is amazing to...

-- Judy M.

Bluffton, South Carolina

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