From the September 2011 magazine.

A Starry Night in June

Not everyone has a white light experience as described by Bill W., but there's lots of variation on the light spectrum

I looked out the window at a star-filled June night and said aloud "God I don't know if you're out there or not but I could sure use a hand about now."

I have been reading the Grapevine book, Thank You for Sharing, and have been touched by many of the letters already even though I am only 40 pages into the book.

I just read the letter by Richard C. in which he comments about Bill W.'s white light experience and I agree that it is rare. I have found many people over my 15 years of sobriety that seem to be looking for that bright light and when it doesn't happen they seem to lose what little faith they have acquired and spirituality continues to be a big stumbling stone for them.

-- Greg R.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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