From the October 2011 magazine.

October 2011: God Wasn't Big Enough

So she borrowed her sponsor's Higher Power, which was entirely sufficient

"She asked if my God was big enough to walk me through this."

When I arrived at my home group in 2000, my entire world existed within a radius of three square miles. I had my home and a job. Between those two places were my gas station, dry cleaner, grocery store, two places to buy booze and my bar. I didn’t have a cell phone. There was no one to call.

The Big Book, my sponsor and my home group taught me how to live without alcohol, enjoy life and walk through anything without a drink. My home group saved me and, even though many individuals who were there nine years ago have moved out of the area, its importance in my life hasn’t changed.

-- G.E.

Milpitas, California

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