From the September 2011 magazine.

10-78, Over and Out

A cop realizes he needs assistance and requires back up to deal with his alcoholism

I'm a law enforcement officer and also a recovering alcoholic. For most of my working career, I was a full-fledged, functional alcoholic. I would be at roll call or on duty with the worst hangovers. When I was in that condition, the only thing I wanted was for my shift to finish so I could cure my hangover. About a quarter of the way through my career, I was suspended from work for violating department policy and procedure while under the influence of alcohol. I was told by my bosses that I needed to get professional help before I could return to duty.

I played their game and went to the department shrink for a while. I finally convinced him that I wasn't an alcoholic. I knew I was but he didn't have to know it. I just wanted to get back to duty. After being cleared by him, I had to convince the guys in Internal Affairs that I was a normal officer and not addicted to alcohol or prescription drugs and shortly after I was released back to duty. At this point of my career I couldn't trust anybody enough to tell them about my problem.

-- Anonymous

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