Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published September 2011.

Web Exclusive: Running to Recovery

A woman's running regime helps her understand the rhythms of recovery

"I'm running slowly enough that I'm actually getting stronger, even though I'm still running."

Stop! Stop! Stop! A tenth of a mile from the white line painted across the track I was running on, my legs and lungs were screaming at me to stop. I couldn't believe I'd ever run another step, never mind that I'd run five more miles this way.

My marathon training plan for that morning called for six miles at a 7:30 pace. That is a speed at which I can barely eke out a mile, and I was supposed to pull off six of them! But I didn't have to run them all in a row. After each 7:30 mile, I was allowed to drop my pace to a slow jog for half a mile and "run to recovery" as trainers call it....

-- Dawn A.

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