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Published September 2011.

Web Exclusive: A Family Trip Remembered

A sober man looks back at an early intervention by his mother during his teenage years

"When she had me cornered in that campground, she let me know that she knew what I had been doing."

She cornered me in a campground in Utah. This was during the middle of a two-week family trip. I had decided to not drink or do anything else during those two weeks in order to prove that I did not have a problem with alcohol. I was sixteen at the time and it was my mom who had cornered me.

During that time of my life I made a point of avoiding any time alone with my mom, though that is difficult during a family vacation in a large RV. My mom had just enough Al-Anon under her belt to be dangerous, or at least dangerous to my plans to continue drinking. When she had me cornered in that campground and it was just the two of us, she let me know that she knew what I had been doing.

-- Andrew W.

Missoula, Montana

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