From the November 2011 magazine. First printed in November 1949.

November 2011: A Suggestion for Thanksgiving

A special note from Bill W. to remember our Twelve Traditions on the holidays

The idea is in the air that AA might adopt Thanksgiving Week as a time for meetings and meditation on the Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous. The friend who hatched this notion tells you—on another page—why he thinks the idea good. I heartily agree with what he says and hope you will too.

Pre-AA, we alkies could sometimes achieve that dubious state called “sobriety, period.” How bleak and empty this alleged virtue is, only God or a dried-up drunk can fully testify. The reason? Of course every AA knows it: nothing has taken the place of the victim’s grog; he’s still a man of conflict and disunity. Comes then the 12 Steps of Recovery, bringing to him a “personality change.” The shattered prospect feels reassembled; he now says he seems all one piece. We understand exactly what he means, for he describes the state of being “at oneness”; he is talking about personal unity. We know he must work to maintain it and that he can’t stay alive without it.

-- Bill W.

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