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Published October 2011.

Web Exclusive: To Share Or Not to Share

Is there such a thing as too much information in someone's share?

"I shared that it was very brave of him to speak of this."

Something happened at an AA meeting last night that made me leave in tears. A young woman came up to me after a meeting and said that I "over-shared". She was not referring to how long I talked and I was not sure what she was referring to. The man who chose the topic wanted to read "Tightrope" in the Big Book. We read the story and then he shared that he had been raped while drinking by his best friend and told of its effects on his manhood and sexuality.

I shared that it was very brave of him to speak of this and that many of us had horrible things happen to us due to the disease of alcoholism. I revealed that years ago I was also raped and that I had been molested as a child by my alcoholic grandfather.

-- Donna S.

Enumclaw, Washington

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