From the October 2011 magazine.

Finding Sober

The responsibility of caring for a new-found pet helped this newcomer stay sober in the early days

"I named him Sober, and we started a new life together."

I was three months in my recovery from alcoholism and my world was changing before my eyes. In that year, I had lost my wife and two kids in a divorce, I was facing bankruptcy on an empty house that no one wanted anymore, including me, and I was dealing with the repercussions of a second DUI.

It was a fall day in the Nevada desert where I had decided to go and shoot my deer rifle at a paper plate target. I had gotten a deer tag that year and I had not shot my gun in a couple of years. I remember thinking the last time I shot this gun I surely would have had at least a couple of beers in me in the spirit of hunting. It's funny how our insane behavior seems only apparent when we find the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

-- Troy

Elko, Nevada

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