From the November 2011 magazine.

A Thinking Problem

Practicing the Steps freed her from the turmoil of her mind

Three months ago, I moved from the Milwaukee area to Wisconsin Dells. Recently, I celebrated three years of sobriety and owe it to the Milwaukee young people in AA, as well as my previous sponsor. I was always involved with ICYPAA and WICYPAA. I can see now that I really took the strong young people AA in Milwaukee for granted. I got too comfortable in the rooms of AA doing all the service I was ever asked to do, but never really feeling like it was a privilege.

I moved to the Wisconsin Dells to pursue a spiritual path. There were many reasons I decided to make the move, but one was because I really wanted to experience the God of my understanding. We are not allowed to drink where I live, and none of the members of my church drink, so I have completely stopped going to AA.

-- Carrie J.


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