From the December 2011 magazine.

December 2011: A Whale of a Time

For most of my twenty-three years with the company I worked for, I had managed to get drunk at the annual Christmas party, and my good wife always had to drive us home. For reasons I now don't remember, I decided to go to this party the day I got out of treatment. Maybe it was an ego thing.

My wife picked me up, and we arrived at around 7:30, with the party and the open bar in full swing. Quite a few of the gang reminded me of myself at previous parties. Most people treated me in a friendly fashion, while a couple of people took the time to ask me some questions about treatment. Jack, who was pretty much in his cups, put his arm around my shoulder and with great sadness said, "What do we say to you now that you can't drink?" I guess in Jack's mind, if I didn't drink, I might as well be dead. (During my drinking career, I'm sure I often had a similar thought.) But the boss's wife said to me, "You're a pretty nice guy when you don't drink."

-- Don A.

Lakeview, Arkansas

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