From the December 2011 magazine.

December 2011: Losing the ranch

A Buddhist reaches out to AA for more help in his 14th year

I’ve been sober for 14 years and a practicing Buddhist. I found no problem integrating my spirituality with my sobriety and working the Steps. Part of my spiritual program involves not being overly attached to material things.

That was true for me until I entered into a bitterly contested divorce. At the onset, I told my lawyer that I did not care what happened, except that I wanted to hold on to my ranchitos, which I built with savings accumulated over 35 years of hard work and sacrifice. During a two-year period of contentious legal wrangling and soaring court costs, I lost my inheritance, life savings and IRA—but held on to my ranchitos.

-- Ted U.

Bernalillo, New Mexico

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