From the July 1957 magazine.

AA World Wide

News and comment from and about AA's worldwide outposts and centers--gleaned from letters to the Grapevine and General Service, Headquarters, and from the "AA Exchange Bulletin," published monthly by GSH.

INDIA'S MAGIC CARPET. In February 1956, General Service Headquarters "set the loom" in New Delhi, India, by answering the inquiries of an English housewife and an Indian national, both of whom had been informed of AA by an Indian psychiatrist, who in turn had heard of the AA recovery program from Dr. Francis Braceland, psychiatrist-in-chief at the Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut. Ten months later, Charlie M. from Montreal, Canada wrote GSH for the names of AA contacts in Southeast Asia, where he was being transferred for two years. On January 28, 1957, Charlie writes:"--it took me a week to locate your correspondents, Sylvia and Subatti. When I did, I found them close friends who were toying with the idea of doing something about their drinking, but they just hadn't been able to make a start. They have been dry a week now. We are going to run an ad--."One month later Charlie again writes: "We were hopefully expecting some inquiries. Well, we got them! Seven replies to the first ad and twenty-three to the second, from all over India!

"You will notice we have listed our membership as five--all of them successful so far. I can't tell you how happy I am to be given the opportunity of sharing with others in this part of the world the program which has meant so much in my life. As my work is taking me to all the principal cities in Southeast Asia it looks, from the nature and number of inquiries we are getting, as though there will be a good chance of getting groups started in a number of centers. There is also a good possibility that we can arrange for hospital facilities in government-subsidized institutions here in India, whenever the occasion requires it." (Ed. note--AA transcends all barriers of language, creeds and races--add to this one dynamic Canadian and the result seems to be a most potent brew: international--interracial--interactive!)

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