From the October 1958 magazine.

You Start With Killarney . . .


ALTHOUGH we are known as Killarney Group we are living mostly about thirty miles from Killarney--some a hundred miles. We started meetings in Killarney but for about two years have no active members in that town.

Visitors from the U.S.A. often ring me on arrival in Killarney and are amazed that it takes me an hour to go to their hotel to meet them. It was only last year I saw why--they think Millstreet is a street in Killarney. Actually it is a little town about thirty miles away. (So if any visitors are enroute to us, please explain the set-up.) Naturally we are delighted to meet all comers--you know what a gee-up a visiting speaker can give a small group tired of listening to each other's viewpoints. It is exactly because of this that we still go under the name Killarney Group although we are not even in the same county--it answers a constant stream of visiting AAs.

-- Donald

Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland

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