From the February 1959 magazine.

AA Around the World

FRUIT OF THE MAROELA - News, comments and letters from and about AA's worldwide outposts and centers--gleaned from letters to the Grapevine and the General Service Office, and from the "AA Exchange Bulletin," published monthly by GSO.

I AM a member of the AA Maroela Group, Pietersburg, and sometime ago a letter from you to us was read in an AA gathering which we hold in a medical clinic. The letter to us was very pleasing and also it was encouraging to hear from someone so far away that I decided to write you from my residence and thereby continue the contact.

I'd like to introduce myself. I am a South African, a European, 47 years of age. They call me Uncle Koos, in Afrikaans Oom Koos--Koos is the nick name for Jacobus. I am a Civil Servant, holding the rank of Garage Manager, i.e., controlling Government-owned motor vehicles in this area of about 250,000 square miles.

-- J. J. H. V.

Pietersburg, South Africa

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