From the October 1959 magazine.

The Climate Is No Excuse


HAVING been in AA for well over twelve months, I flew down from the Islands (New Guinea) to Australia some time ago for my first sober visit to that country for many a long year. I was greeted and treated with great enthusiasm by AA friends there and was repeatedly given pats on the back for "getting AA" in the tropics--general opinion being that it is harder and tougher all round to get dry in tropical climes. I was almost convinced" that maybe I did really have something, until I got up to speak at a meeting. The subject, naturally, was drinking in the tropics. It was when I started to give out with "my" story, that the real down-to-earth facts of the matter hit home.

First, I realized that here in the tropics a ready-made set of excuses exists to justify our excessive drinking; in the Arctic Circle, no doubt, a similar set of ready-made excuses also exists to suit that particular climate. Here in New Guinea, we have the pumice dust; the heat; lack of interests; frustrations in dealing with the natives; and the fact that social life centers around the clubs and pubs, and so on. . .wonderful excuses, but only that.

-- Anonymous

New Guinea Islands

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