From the October 1959 magazine.

A Call From Aruba


FOR the first letter I write to you I hope that you all pass good days with no drink alcoholics.

For the first I will tell you I join the AA group in Aruba in Netherlands Antilles, the Divi-Divi Group. Not long time ago, but I hope God will help me in every hour and in every day to stop drinking. And I hope with the will of God to stay sober all my life. We get some books from the States already and from Grapevine to. But one thing is! I ask you if you are so pleased to send me the full address of J. J. H. V., Pietersburg, South Africa. You will find this in the Grapevine February 1959, Volume 15, Page 22.

-- F. L. D.

Aruba Netherlands Antilles

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