From the October 1961 magazine.

We Can Never Repay AA

But this doesn't mean we shouldn't try!

"POCO a poco. . .sin nada de alboroto" (Easy Does It. . .without fanfare). Although this is the simplest of our axioms in AA, it is perhaps the most likely to be misinterpreted. Some of us, upon arriving at our first meeting, believe that "Easy Does It" means to stop drinking "little by little," reducing, day by day, the amount of alcohol that we drink. Afterwards we realize our error.

If we are alcoholics, we drink compulsively. If we drink compulsively, "one drink is too many and one hundred is not enough." Therefore, we are not the ones to enjoy the privilege of setting the amount of alcohol we are going to drink each day. We should understand, then, that "Easy Does It" means we should advance in our knowledge of the AA recovery program, unhurriedly, without attempting to understand everything immediately.

-- J. L. T.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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