From the October 1961 magazine.

A Dream Comes True in Mexico

IT gives me a great deal of satisfaction to announce, albeit with some trepidation, the birth of a tiny Mexican group of Alcoholics Anonymous, in Guadalajara. It started with only two Mexicans and myself, and the first regular meeting was held in my home at Calle Cuautitlan #460, Chapalita, and meetings are scheduled to be held here until the group grows enough to strike out on its own. If it survives, it will be the culmination of more than a year's effort and of a long-time dream of mine.

As is the case with so many new members, these men are unemployed at present, know very little about AA, and neither one speaks English. They have asked me to take charge of the group until they learn the ropes and I will assume what small expenses there will be until they get on their feet financially. It will be known as the Grupo Tapatio; meetings will be closed and in Spanish, on Tuesday nights.

-- H. T. O.

Guadalajara, Mexico

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