From the October 1961 magazine.

Hlala Gahle

Let us abide in peace" Zulu greeting

TWELVE years ago I was completely lost; and all I once cared for--wife, children, home, job, fellow man and God--had almost gone. Then I met AA and the miraculous change took place. I was granted my freedom and I found the world was not against me. In helping others, amazing things happened to me and I found my mind opening and discovered people who were loving, kind and generous.

As my awareness grew I also truly discovered the African natives--people with child-like hearts, but just as lost as I had been. A lovable people, simple and picturesque, forever singing, smiling, fighting, dancing, dressed up in beadwork or colorful blankets and appearing to be as happy as the day is long. They are great at imitating and are trying hard to copy Western methods and ideas, but they are getting lost--lost in our ways. I don't know why I say this, but I believe these people are God's chosen.

-- H. H.

Natal, South Africa

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