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Published December 2011.

Muskrat, Muskrat

An AA group has an unusual visitor

We were just in the process of adjourning our AA meeting when we were suddenly disrupted by a loud scratching noise which appeared to be coming from the heat register. The sound was making quite a din, and one of our members joked about the not so quiet church mouse, I retorted that it sounded more like a church rat.

As the racket was not letting up, one of the guys got up and looked out the window. Much to his surprise, he had a muskrat staring right back at him. Jon was rather shocked and said, "There is a beaver out there," then corrected himself by saying, "No, not a beaver, a muskrat." We all started laughing and asked what he had smoked prior to the meeting, or if he was having a belated case of the DTs.

-- Doreen H.

Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

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