From the January 2012 magazine.

January 2012: I Know That Book!

"The book caught my attention: a familiar blue cover ..."

I walked into the baggage area of the airport, checked the flight I had been waiting for, and as I had done a thousand times, I sat and waited. There are no guarantees these days that flights will be on time or the person I need to pick up will be on the plane; a person in my position learns to have patience. I took the opportunity to observe the mass of people that flowed past me on their way to somewhere. Some faces expressed the confusion and frustration of trying to find their luggage, looking up at the signs overhead that might offer a clue where to go from here. Other people were looking through the crowd, searching for the familiar face, a loved one’s arrival.

From where I sat, I noticed a young man sitting a few seats down from me wearing a pair of well-worn tennis shoes, basketball shorts and a T-shirt that looked to have seen better days. With his duffle bag under his chair, his body hunched over the book he was reading, he seemed oblivious to the activity around him. To me, he looked like a typical student, studying something important he might need to know later on. The book caught my attention—a familiar blue cover, the remnants of yellow highlighter marking its pages, and his name etched in pen on the side, where I have seen so many names before. I knew the book the young man read. I understood his posture and the intensity of his gaze as he read the lines, the hope and the promise the book offered to him.

-- Desiree B.

St. Paul, Minnesota

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