From the December 2011 magazine.

Love at First Sip

A young woman chronicles her torrid relationship with alcohol

The first time I got drunk was Valentine's Day 2000 and I fell hopelessly in love. I was at Lindsey's, her parents were out of town and we raided their liquor cabinet. I was 15 and hanging out with the cool girls. We were unsupervised teenagers on a Friday night which was reason enough for us all get drunk.

Like the other girls that night, I drank a lot but something happened to me that was different than the rest. I became excited, my heart starting racing, and a tingly feeling took over my whole body. This new sensation ran through me like an electric shock streaming from my fingers to my toes, tickling every part of my body. Soon that tickle turned into a comfortable numb. Once my body went numb I became manic. I felt alive, free, completely uninhibited and unafraid. I had reached the oasis and I was never going to leave.

-- Anonymous

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