From the December 2011 magazine.

Best Friends

Two women prove to be a lifeline for one another in sobriety

I am a black woman from Texas, whose spiritual path could be described as "New Age." Maria is a Puerto Rican who was raised in New York City and is a devout Catholic. I have less than two years continuous sobriety, and Maria has more than two decades. By some quirk of cosmic synchronicity, we have become best friends.

I stormed in to the meeting room of my home group on December 7, 2009, full of anger at myself that I had yet again disappointed everyone. At the suggestion of a friend, I had placed myself on a waiting list for a treatment facility. Being on that list had made me awfully thirsty, and still thinking my addiction problems were with "outside issues," I had gone to a bar on December 5 with every intention to have just two drinks. Needless to say, after that first drink, the insanity hit me and the party was on. That was my last drunk. Two days later, I still desperately wanted to drink, and my anger was the only thing that was keeping me sober. That evening, I finally admitted to myself that I was indeed powerless over alcohol. A few days later, I went to the treatment center, determined to learn all they had to teach me.

-- Sheila R.

Fort Worth, Texas

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