From the January 2012 magazine.

Speed Bump

After a bicycle accident landed him in the hospital, he surrendered to the program of AA

The desert sun beat down upon my back as I pedaled toward home. The hardcore metal blared into my ears through sweat-soaked headphones. The guitar's screech, the drum's beat, and the vocalist's screams drowned out the traffic roaring past me on the road. The insanity within my skull, however, screamed louder than the traffic and music combined. I was five weeks sober, for the millionth time it seemed, and nothing sounded better to me than a cold beer following a hard day's work.

"Come on buddy, just one beer. Ya' done pedaled 13 miles across the friggin' desert; worked hard all day! You earned the right to drink a beer. This time will be different, I promise: just one, two at most; trust me."

-- Daniel S.

Mesa, Arizona

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