From the January 2012 magazine.

Beginners Meeting

In "Red Sea Challenges," a family tragedy brought this AA into sobriety and a new life

This week's package includes an eclectic collection of stories from the Fellowship. In "All Aboard the AA Meeting," two alcoholics hold an impromptu meeting aboard a cruise ship and help each other stay sober that day. Meanwhile, in "Speed bump," a young man commits to sobriety on a deeper level after a bicycle accident lands him in the hospital.

Other stories this week focus on dealing with challenges and hard times in sobriety. In "Surgery in Sobriety," an AA member uses the Twelve Steps to help her with surgery and recovery. The narrator of "Ready for a Second Chance," recounts how she relapsed after years in the program only to see everything she'd worked for fall apart. Lastly, in "Red Sea Challenges," a man tells the story of how a family tragedy brought him into AA.

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